What is Sub-Meter Utility Billing ?

Ardent Billing is a family owned company run by Casey and Lana Easterwood. We were born and raised in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Casey opened ABMS in 2005 with two friends. In time, they moved on to other things. Lana came on board in 2009 and Casey taught her everything he knew about the industry.

It's hard to switch billing companies and we know it takes time to train us to run the way that best benefits your business process. Building long lasting relationships with our clients is our number one goal and we strive for it every day. We are still working with the very first client we signed on in 2005 and we want each and every client to have that same long-term relationship with us. Most of our clients have been with us for more than ten years and have trained us well.

Individual Relationships

In 2011 we changed our name to Ardent Billing, and shifted our focus from big management companies to individual investor-owned properties. We love the relationships we build, small business to small business, with individuals in the industry. We still work with large firms, of course, but we really enjoy the intimacy of small businesses. Helping people find their way through the complexities of sub-metered utility billing is where our passion lies. We enjoy taking on locations facing difficulties and helping set things right. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a property full of unrest and frustration settle as they realize the owner is not the enemy and we are all here to help.

The best tool we have developed in rebuilding resident relationships is how we read meters. We take pictures of the meter reads each month. That provides concrete evidence of the meter read, any obstacles in the path, and the condition of the meter. Sharing pictures of the meters with residents gives them a way to see the read for themselves and compare it with the statement. Between that and having the documentation available to recreate the rates residents can see their bills are correct and rest easy.

We would love to talk with you about how we can help with your sub-meter utility calculations. Please call us at (949) 480-1898, email us here, visit us on Facebook, or check us out on LinkedIn.

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Lisa F

5 Stars, Excellent Service! Ardent Billing has been managing our utilities for over 7 years. They handle all the calculations and utility monitoring for over 10 properties for us. The company enters our utility reads and posts them on time. They monitor all the CARE and user discounts. Makes our jobs much easier knowing we have someone we can trust that works within Rent Manager software. Highly recommend!

Rondi R

Lana is the best at what she does has great customer service, lovely attitude, very warm and friendly to talk to and explains any questions you have. I would recommend her and the Ardent Company to everyone.